the guide to fixing ako

Windows 10 Guide

1. Start by plugging your CAC Card Reader into the computer. Windows will auto detect the new device and it will automatically install the drivers for your cac card. As shown in the picture to the right. After the CAC Card reader is installed, insert your CAC Card into the reader and Windows will auto detect the card and install it as well.

2. Download the DoD Root Certificates by clicking on the image to the right. After downloading the file, unzip it and begin installing. The install is very straight forward and all you really have to do is click the next buttons.
After you finish installing DoD-PKE it will ask you to run the program. Select "Run InstallRoot". When the application boots up press the button that says "Install Certificates". You will have a prompt pop up with the lable "Security Warning". Select Yes.

Congrats, you just installed your Certificates!

*Imortant Note*
For Windows 10, you do not need to install ActivClient.

It is highly recommended to use Internet explorer to access AKO. Microsoft Edge does not work with some portion of AKO. To find Internet Explorer on your Windows 10 machine all you have to do is click on the Start button and type Internet Explorer or you can go to the AKO website and click on the 3 dots then select the "Open with Internet Explorer" option

3. Configuring Internet Explorer. The PDF file to the right will show you step by step how to configure Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer Configuration Guide