the guide to fixing ako


***Update 5/7/2020***

Updated Copywrite, updated OSX link to MAC OSX.  Updated CAC card information due to price change on link.    

***End of Update***

*** Update 3/5/2019 ***

Updated copywrite dates - Reviewing site to revamp and redesign. Removed scrolling notice.

*** End of Update ***

*** Update 8/19/2018 ***

FixAKO will be shutting down February 26 2019 after 3 years of providing information on how to fix common issues with AKO. It has been a pleasure helping everyone who's contacted me.

*** End of Update ***

*** Update 8/3/17 ***

Fixed link issue for Teamviewer on Home page. Updated Bio on contact page. Updated links for Java and Adobe Acrobat reader.

*** End of Update ***

*** Update 7/4/16 ***

Added new page - FAQ! This page will answer common questions related to DTS Travel and other questions you might have relating to AKO and the Enterprise Email.

*** End of Update ***

This guide was created to help you, the users of AKO, ensure that you can access AKO at home on your personal computers. As an S-6 Information Technology Specialist, I have often had soldiers tell me that they are unable to access the AKO website to view emails and other important information.

As you select the operating system that you are using, there will be a guide to making ako work. Included with the steps, are pictures to help ensure that you know exactly what you're doing step by step. This will help eliminate any confusion that you might have while trying to configure AKO for your home use.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out and contact me via the contact page. If you do need additional help, please download team viewer before sending an email. Team viewer allows for remote access and I can better assist you that way.

For remote help, please download teamviewer from the following website and email us. This will allow us to remote in and help you assist with any issues you have.